Mainstream software-defined radio

10 startups to watch from Y Combinator’s Demo Day →

I’m really excited to see a company like Per Vices come out of Y Combinator at their Demo Days this year. Cheap and readily available platforms for software-defined radio (SDR) can only mean that we will soon see new radical and unexpected ideas in wireless technology and telecom.

While I’m curious to know how SDR app makers will handle the laws and regulations around the use of (licensed) radio spectrum (some example applications seem to imply transmitting on mobile phone frequencies, which usually is illegal), and how this will relate to the open spectrum movement, I guess those kinds of issues usually don’t stop disruptive technologies for long anyway.

I found this wonderfully geeky presentation by Balint Seeber from Ruxcon 2011, that shows off some fun stuff you can do with SDR. If you like it, he has a Youtube channel with lots more.